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  • 描写动物的英语作文3篇

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    Dolphin is my favourite animal.

    It is one of the most precious animals. Their bodies are very long, about one zhang(丈). Dolphins live in the sea. They live on fish, shrimps and so on.

    Dolphins are very friendly and peaceful. They never attack people. Instead, they have saved many people in danger in the past years. How helpful the dolphins are!

    Dolphins are very clever. People often train them so that they can give a dolphin show which brings people a lot of happiness and joy.

    Unluckily, the number of dolphins is getting smaller and smaller. Because of water pollution, there is less and less space for dolphins. Many people make money by hunting dolphins. If we dont protect them, maybe well lose our good friends one day. As a student, I hope more and more people should take actions to protect dolphins.


    My favourite animal is tortoise. Tortoise walk not fast. But I like the tortoise. Why? Because, tortoise is a cute animal. It have a short tail and a four short foot. It have a little head and a hard shell. They are forty-five little and cute tortoise in My home. They like to play in the water. When they afraid some thing. They wall run fast. They like to eat the fish. I often buy some small fish to them to eat. They can catch the fish fast. First, they fake sleep. When the fish swim near they mouth. They catch the fish fast and bit the fish head. So, the fish die. They can eat the fish. In winter. They like to sleep in the sand. When they sleep, they dont eat any food.Because they wall hibernation. But, when they are thirsty. They come out of the sand. So, we must give water to them to drink.


    There is a butcher Tianwan home, where the burden of the meat has been sold out, leaving only some of the bones. Two wolves encounter on the road, followed closely by Zoulehenyuan.

    Afraid of the butcher, pick up a piece of bone thrown in the past. A wolf bones have been stopped, along with still another wolf. Butcher and pick up a piece of bone thrown in the past, the bones after the wolf came to a halt, but the bones have been the first wolf Yougen up. Bones have been thrown over, the two together, like the original as a wolf to catch up.

    Butcher is distress, I am afraid together before and after the attack by a wolf. There are wild to see Michael playing a game, the masters of the field to stack firewood in the wheat field to fight, into a hill-like coverage. So Ben butcher in the past to rely on firewood pile below, pick up the butcher's knife to lay down their burden. Two wolves are afraid to move on and stare toward the butcher.

    After a while, a wolf straight away and the other as a wolf-like dog in front of the squat. A long time, it seems to be a wolf's eyes closed, looking very relaxed. Butcher all of a sudden jump, with a wolf's head Daopi, Liankanjidao to kill wolves. Butcher about to start now, to firewood behind a pile, saw another wolf is firewood heap holes, drilled in the past want to butcher in the back of the attack. The wolf has got half of the body, only the buttocks and tail exposed. From the butcher cut off the back of the hind legs of the wolf, the wolf kill. Understand this in front of the wolf pretending to sleep, was used to lure the enemy.

    Wolf is too cunning, but for a while two wolves have been hacked to death, the animal deception to how much? Only give them increased humor.

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